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The Raw Effect Of Garlic

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Experts at the Garlic Institute believe that the reason garlic has such a good effect is because it contains garlic and garlic enzymes of the two effective substances. The garlic and garlic enzymes are quietly in the fresh garlic cells, and once crushed, they contact each other, creating an oily liquid ——— allicin. Garlic has a strong bactericidal effect, it enters the human body can be with the bacteria of the cystine reaction to produce crystalline precipitation, destroy the bacteria necessary sulfur amino organisms in the SH base, so that the metabolic disorder of bacteria, so that can not reproduce and grow.

But Allicin quickly loses its effect when hot, so garlic is suitable for raw food. Garlic is not only afraid of heat, but also afraid of salty, it will also lose the effect of salty. Therefore, if you want to achieve the best health effects, eating garlic is best mashed into mud, rather than using a knife cut into garlic. And 10-15 minutes first, let the garlic and garlic enzymes in the air combine to produce allicin after consumption.

Garlic is eaten raw to prevent the effect

Garlic can be mixed with meat, made of spring rolls, sandwiched meat bread, wonton, etc., can also be made of garlic pork, garlic bread. Germany also has garlic ice cream, garlic jam and garlic soju, not only healthy, but also good taste. Garlic oil, made from allicin, is also of high health value and can be eaten on bread or cooking oil.