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The Nutritive Value Of Garlic

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Garlic is rich in nutrients: 69.8 grams per 100 grams of water, protein 4.4 grams, fat 0.2 grams, carbohydrate 23.6 grams, calcium 5 mg, phosphorus 44 mg, iron 0.4 mg, vitamin C3 mg. In addition, there are thiamine, riboflavin, Nick Acid, allicin, citral and selenium and germanium and other trace elements. Contains volatile oil about 0.2%, the main ingredient in the oil is garlic capsaicin, has bactericidal effect, is garlic contains garlic acid is affected by the action of garlic enzyme hydrolysis. It contains a variety of allyl, propyl and methyl sulfide compounds.

Garlic contains "garlic amine", this material on the brain benefits than vitamin B, also strong many times. Usually let children eat more onions and garlic, can make the growth and development of brain cells more active.

Garlic temperature, taste Xin Ping, into the spleen, stomach, lung meridian. Deficiency of fire and chronic gastritis ulcer patients should be careful to eat external use can cause skin redness, scorching, foaming, it is not suitable for too long, skin allergy is carefully used.

Garlic has antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, can protect the liver, regulate blood sugar, protect cardiovascular, high blood lipid and arteriosclerosis, Antiplatelet agglutination. Nutrition experts found that garlic extract has anti-tumor effect, recommended daily raw garlic 3-5 grams.

Although the garlic has the ability to detoxify the stomach, but the nature of the hot and humid products, but also has the irritant, can stimulate the liver, lungs, stomach and eyes, if suffering from liver fever or hepatitis patients, the spleen and stomach fire heavy, eye pain or inflammation of the appropriate to abstain. Garlic to eat more damage to the spleen, lung, bad liver, injury ears, phlegm, hair cough.