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The Morphological Characteristics Of Garlic

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Herbs Perennial

Root: Shallow root crops, without primary root. The root position was around the short stalk, the outer side was the most, the medial was less. The root can reach up to 50cm, but the main root group is distributed in the 5-25cm soil layer, and the transverse range is 30cm. The number of hair roots in the plant 70-110.

Stems: bulb large, with 6~10 flap, outsourced gray-white or

Garlic Garlic grows

Pale purple in membranous scales. Leaves basal, solid, flattened, linear-lanceolate, CA. 2.5 cm wide, base sheath-like. Stems erect, ca. 60 cm tall.

Leaves: including Ye Min and leaf sheaths. Leaf sheath tubular, leaf was not exhibited before the folding-like, on display after flat and narrow, for parallel veins. Leaves alternate, 1/2-leaf order, arranged symmetrically. The leaf sheath is combined to form a false stalk, which has the function of support and nutrient transport.

Flowers, Seeds: Buddhist plume with long beak, long 7~10 cm umbel, small and dense, with bracts 1~3 pieces, film long 8~10 cm, membranous, pale green flower small shape, many mixed with pale red beads bud, 4 mm long, or completely without bead buds; Located fine, longer than flowers; Perianth 6, Pink, elliptic-lanceolate; stamens 6, White, anthers prominent; Pistil 1, style prominent, white, ovary superior, long elliptic-ovate, Apex concave, 3-loculed. Capsule, 1-loculed dehiscent. Seeds Black. Flowering summer.