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The Growth Environment Of Carrots

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Carrots like cold climate, the appropriate growth temperature is 15-25 degrees, like strong light and relatively dry air conditions, the soil requires alternating wet and dry, abundant water, and loose, transparent, fertile.

The need for large temperature difference and sufficient comprehensive nutrients is conducive to the construction of fleshy roots, while ensuring higher content of carotene lycopene, carrot is more drought-tolerant, especially at seedling stage, 30-50% soil water content can grow normally.

When the soil temperature stabilized at more than 8 degrees (May 10-15th) can be sown, at more than 15 degrees began to sprout, the most suitable growth temperature is 23-25 degrees a day, 12-15 degrees at night. Large temperature difference determines carrot quality, sugar content increases.

Carrots require the soil to have a certain form of texture and nutrient content. and must have the irrigation condition, the transportation convenient land plot, the attention waterlogging plot, the corn, the flax uses the herbicide plot, the raw wasteland block is not easy to grow the carrot.