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The Effect Of Garlic On Health Care

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Modern medical research confirms that garlic sets more than 100 kinds of medicinal and health ingredients in one, including sulfur volatile 43 kinds, sulphur sulfonate (such as allicin) ester 13 kinds, amino acid 9, peptide 8 species, glycosides 12 species, enzymes 11 species. In addition, garlic is a unique ingredient of garlic, when it enters the blood becomes allicin, this allicin even diluted 100,000 times times can still kill typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacilli, influenza virus. Allicin and vitamin B1 combination can produce garlic thiamine, with the elimination of fatigue, enhance physical strength of the miraculous. Garlic contains creatinine is involved in muscle activity indispensable ingredients, to the formation of semen also has a significant increase in sperm, the so-called eat garlic vigor that is to say. Garlic can also promote metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglyceride content, and have lower blood pressure, hypoglycemic effect, it has a certain effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so on. Garlic external use can promote blood circulation of skin, remove the aging cuticle, soften the skin and enhance its elasticity, but also to prevent the sun, melanin deposition, to color spot whitening. Domestic and foreign studies have proved that garlic can be broken nitrosamines carcinogens in vivo synthesis to date, its anti-cancer effect in more than 40 kinds of vegetables, fruits, according to the pyramid, garlic is located at the top of the tower. Of the more than 100 ingredients, dozens of of them have a separate anti-cancer effect.

Garlic is a very high health care of garlic essential oil is a general term of all sulfur compounds in garlic, the sulfur atoms in these substances have a high degree of activity, can spontaneously transform into a variety of organic sulfur compounds. These organic sulfur compounds can be transformed into other sulfur-containing compounds under the action of physical, chemical and biological factors. Most of the sulfur compounds in garlic have a wide range of pharmacological and pharmacodynamic effects, but also constitute the main flavor of garlic specific spicy odor of garlic essential oil components of the study of more garlic and garlic capsaicin and new garlic.

In addition, daily food contains the most abundant germanium in the machine is also garlic, some studies have shown that the combination of organic germanium compounds and some anticancer drugs has synergistic effects both in inhibiting local tumor growth and in preventing tumor metastasis. Organic germanium compounds can stimulate the production of interferon in vivo, and interferon anticancer effect has been confirmed by medical The organic germanium compounds have different degrees of repair to the damaged immune system and can activate the natural killer cells and macrophages, which is conducive to cancer control! Organic germanium compounds can reduce the viscosity of the blood and thus reduce the chance of cancer cell adhesion, infiltration and destruction of vascular wall, which plays an important role in preventing the spread of cancer cells.

Garlic is also rich in selenium, a substance that also has a powerful anti-cancer effect. It was found that the population with the lowest incidence of cancer was the highest level of selenium in the blood. In addition, selenium plays an antioxidant role in the form of glutathione oxidase, which acts as a protective film. Garlic is also rich in superoxide dismutase in the antioxidant aspects of the role can not be underestimated. In addition, garlic contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including lysine, leucine, valine content is high, methionine content is low, white garlic essential amino acid content is lower than purple garlic, but the percentage of total amino acid is slightly higher than purple garlic. The content of mineral element in garlic is highest, and the content of MG, CA, Fe, Si, Al and Zn is high.