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Origin And Distribution Of Garlic

- Feb 26, 2018 -

The main origin of garlic in China: The township of garlic in China-Shandong province Jining Jinxiang County, jining Yanzhou Cao He zhen, Linyi Lan Ling, Laiwu, Jinan Shanghe County, Dongying Guangrao County, Liaocheng Chaping County, Heze Chengwu County, Weifang Anqiu, Jiangsu province Pizhou 50,000 hectares of garlic demonstration area, Feng County, Sheyang County, Taicang, Hebei Yongnian County, north of Daming County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yulin Ren Dong Town, Henan Province, Shenqiu County Feng Ying Xiang, the He Bing Ma County and Kaifeng City, east and other counties, of which the Qixian area is wider, the south-eastern part of the Xiang area and the northern region of Tongxu County is also a garlic-producing area, Shanghai Jiading, Anhui Bozhou, Laian County, Sichuan Wenjiang Pengzhou, Yunnan Dali Shaanxi Xingping and Xinjiang.

It originated in Western Asia and Central Asia, since the Han Dynasty Zhangqian mission to the western regions, the garlic back home, has been more than 2000 years of history. Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in human daily life, in cooking fish, meat, poultry and vegetables, there is the role of flavor, especially in the salad, can add flavor, but also sterilization. Custom, people usually say "garlic" refers to the garlic.

The varieties of garlic can be divided into two kinds: purple skin garlic and white garlic. The garlic is small and big, spicy and strong, high yield, more distributed in North China, northwest and northeast, the cold resistance is weak, more in the spring sowing, mature late; white garlic has large flap and small flap two kinds, spicy taste lighter, than purple garlic cold, more autumn sowing, mature slightly earlier.