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Basic Information Of Garlic

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Garlic  is also called garlic, garlic head, hu garlic, hu, single garlic, garlic, garlic plants are collectively. Six months of raw herbs, Lily branch Allium, to the bulb medicine. Spring, Summer harvest, tie, hang ventilation, shade standby. Awakening said, "Garlic is not nine (month), nine long single head", June when the leaf withered excavation, remove silt, ventilated to dry or bake to the skin dry.

Garlic is oblate or short conical, outside there is a gray-white or light brown membranous skin, peel off the scales, there are 6~10 garlic, round the stems around the stem, the base plate, with most of the fibrous roots. Each clove is coated with a thin film, stripped of the film, see white, plump juicy scales. There is strong garlic spicy gas, spicy taste. Pungent odor, edible or seasoning, can also be used medicinally. The underground bulb divides the petal, according to the skin color different divides into the purple skin seed and the white skin species. Garlic is the qin and Han dynasties from the western regions into China, by artificial cultivation breeding, with anti-cancer effect, well received by the public.