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fresh Enoki mushroom

fresh Enoki mushroom

Product Description The shiitake mushroom (lentinus edodes) , so-called 'the king of cultivated mushrooms', is a traditional delicious mushroom which has been grown in Southeast Asia. It has perfect taste & aroma. Packaging & Shipping Packaging: Packed in plastic bag and then...

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Intro- Enoki Mushroom

1.The pileus is as large as 2 - 10mm.

2.Slightly yellowish in color; turns viscous if humid.

3.The gills on the back of the pilleus are slightly coarse and white/light yellow.

4.Most products on the market are produced by shelf cultivation. They have the shape of bean sprout

The pileus is not open, and the stipe is long.

5.Nutritional content includes: Water (89.7g), protein (2.7g), fat (0.5g), glucide (5.4g), fiber (0.9g), phosphorus (80mg), potassium (360mg), vitamin B1 (0.31mg), vitamin B2 (0.22mg), niacin (8.1mg).

Efficacy of Enoki Mushroom 

1. Discharges lipids in the blood with rich mushroom chitosan contents.

2. Effective in preventing lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.

3. Contains vitamin B1 which is effective in recovering from fatigue and liver cell.

4. Weight loss without yo-yo effects through the removal of visceral fat.

5. Discharges toxins through the promotion of bowel movements.

6. Rich in selenium and essential amino acid.

7. Strengthens the immune system and effective in absorbing iron due to glucan content.

Payment& Shipping

1. Shipping Terms: FOB (Negotiable).

2. Payment Terms: T/T.

3. Minimum Order Quantity: Prefer minimum 1,000 Boxes (5Kg) but negotiable.

4. Manufacturing Country: Korea.

5. Raw Materials: Corn Cob, Rice Bran, Beat, Cotton Seed Husk, Waste Shells, Calcium and Wheat Husk.

6. Expected Price: USD 12~15 per each box (5Kg, Negotiable).

7. Package: 100g, 150g, 200g, 360g individual packing available.

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