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The story of garlic-Caesar's Expedition

- Feb 26, 2018 -

2,100 years ago, when Caesar's expedition to Europe and the continent, he ordered soldiers to take 1 garlic a day to enhance their strength and fight disease. When the heat, plague epidemic, each other soldiers sick people thousands of, and Caesar soldiers no one contracted disease diarrhea. It took only a few years to conquer all of Europe and build the most powerful Roman empire of the time.

During World War I, the military Department of the Britannia Empire purchased 10 tons of garlic juice, which was applied as a disinfectant to a gauze or bandage to treat a gunshot wound to prevent bacterial infection.

In the Second World War, because of the severe shortage of drugs, many countries military doctors used garlic for soldiers to treat wounds, at that time, the Soviet Union has been praised as "penicillin" garlic juice.

During the hard years of the eight-year anti-Japanese war in modern China, army and New's military doctors also used garlic to prevent diseases such as colds, malaria and acute gastroenteritis, which enhanced the physique of revolutionary fighters.


For the vampire fear of garlic, usually because the vampire has a much higher than the common sense of smell caused by the pungent smell of garlic makes the vampire feel strong discomfort. Garlic is often considered to be a bactericidal effect, so it can also be used to expel vampires.