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The history of onion planting

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Onions are native to Central Asia or Western Asia, and there are many different varieties that have been used for food around the world. A picture of the onion was harvested in the ancient Egyptian stone carvings of the 1000 B.C. and then reached the Mediterranean region. Western Han Dynasty, Zhangqian Tong western regions, from the western regions to bring back many species. There was already a record of growing onions in the western region. After the discovery of geography, it spread from Europe to the world. 16th century, into North America. 17th century to Japan. In the 18th century, Lingnan notes recorded the introduction of onions from white Europeans to Macau and planted them in Guangdong.

According to the Chicheng, a Japanese primary school teacher who taught in freshwater in 1912 was the first Japanese to introduce onions into Taiwan. The agricultural laboratory of the Government of Taiwan has experimented with the cultivation of onions throughout Taiwan since 1918, but the results have been poor.

After the Second World War, the Agricultural experiment in Taiwan Province under the auspices of the Agriculture and Forestry Department and the Resumption of agriculture, continued to introduce various varieties of onions, in Taiwan. In southern Taiwan Yunlin, Jiayi, Tainan, Pingdong planted in the vicinity of success, Hengchun, Maple Port, car city and other places to become Taiwan's largest onion origin.