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Process of garlic powder

- Feb 26, 2018 -

First, the selection of the harvest leaves yellow straw withered, head large, white flap, no pests, no mechanical broken garlic as raw materials, remove the head small, flap meat with pests or diseases or mechanical damage of garlic.

Second, soak the selected garlic with clean water after peeling off the flap, and then put in cold water soak for about 1 hours, rub to leather, take up the garlic, drain the rest of the water.

Third, beating will drain the garlic clove into the beater or grinder for crushing and beating. Beating, garlic in 1/3 of the water purification, beating, with coarse gauze filtration slurry, remove residual fur and other debris.

Four, dehydration its method has several: 1, may use the fine cloth like presses the tofu to remove the water; 2, can press type squeeze to remove water; 3, the centrifuge that could be used for sugar, with a speed of 12000 rpm per minute, centrifugal separation to remove moisture. But the general requirement is that the water should be quickly removed, can not delay the time to prevent the impact of garlic pulp stale quality. At the same time, the tool must be washed immediately after use, so as not to appear in the next use odor.

Five, drying will be off the water wet garlic powder immediately spread flat on the baking plate, and then put the baking tray into the baking room bake. Drying room to maintain a constant temperature of about 50 ℃, bake about 5 hours, until the wet garlic dry to the experts to grind into a surface can be.

Six, crushing will dry dried garlic powder to smash with a grinder, and sift with fine basket, so that the garlic powder evenly in fine flour, that is, garlic powder finished.

Seven, the packaging of garlic powder After the inspection, and then according to the prescribed proportion of dry ginger, tangerine peel, pepper, aniseed, sweet-scented osmanthus, cumin, etc., mixed evenly after directly loaded with trademarks, name, factory name, site and other content of food plastic bags or moisture-proof kraft paper bags, after strict sealing, that is, for foreign needs of mixed seasoning garlic powder.