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Morphological characteristics of carrots

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Herbs Two-year, 15-120 cm tall. Stems solitary, all with white coarse bristles.

Basal leaves membranous, oblong, two to three-pinnate-parted, ultimate lobes linear or lanceolate, 2-15 mm long, 0.5-4 mm wide, Apex sharp, with small pointed, smooth or hispid; petiole ca. 3-12 cm; Cauline leaves subsessile, with leaf sheaths, terminal lobes small or slender.

Umbels complex, peduncle 10-55 cm long, hispid; involucral bracts mostly bracts, leaflike, pinnate-lobed, rarely indehiscent, lobes linear, CA. 3-30 mm; 2-7.5 cm long, as a result the outer rim of the parachute is curved inward; the small involucral bracts 5-7, linear, undivided or 2-3-lobed, margin membranous, ciliate; Flowers usually white, sometimes reddish, located unequal, ca. 3-10 mm. Fruit rounded-ovate, 3-4 mm long, 2 mm wide, with white spines on ribs. Flowering 5-7 months.