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Fresh Ginger

  • Organic Fresh Ginger
    Organic Fresh Ginger
    Appetite and spleen Promote appetite In the hot summer, because human saliva, gastric secretion will be reduced, thus affecting the appetite, if eating a few slices before eating ginger, can stimulate the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and digestive...
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  • Fresh Root Ginger
    Fresh Root Ginger
    chinese vegetable 100g 150g 200g fresh ginger Product Description 1.Clean surface, no insect pest, no stain, no sprout, no rotten, no mouldy, no pesticide thin skin, complete body, bright color and luster, yellow flesh, little fibre, moderate hot flavor,...
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  • Fresh Vegetables Ginger
    Fresh Vegetables Ginger
    Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details Package : 10kg/ctn 2500ctns/40RH 10kg/pvc box 2600ctns/40RH (150g) 2300ctns/40RH(350g) 20kg/mesh bag 1300meshbag/40RH 30LBS/pvs box 1728ctns/40RH Small packgae : 500g /net 1kg/net Delivery Time Within 10 days...
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