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Garlic Dried Flakes Chips

Product specification Dried Garlic Flake Dried Garlic Chips 1. Specification: 2018 crop dehydrated garlic flake 2. Color: Normal white or light yellow 3. Thickness: 1.5mm~2.0mm 4. Certification: FDA, ISO 22000:2005 5. Moisture: 6% max 6. SO2: less than 100 ppm(commodity inspection method) 7....

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Product specification Dried Garlic Flake Dried Garlic Chips

1. Specification: 2018 crop dehydrated garlic flake

2. Color: Normal white or light yellow

3. Thickness: 1.5mm~2.0mm

4. Certification: FDA, ISO 22000:2005

5. Moisture: 6% max

6. SO2: less than 100 ppm(commodity inspection method)

7. ASH: 5% max

8. Acid-insoluble: 5% max

9. Total bacterial count: less than 10*105cfu/g

10. Coliforms: less than 1.0*103MPN/100g

11. Mycete/yeast fungus: less than 1000 cuf/g

12. Pathogenic bacteria: negative

13. Packing: 1. inner packing: double-deck plastic bag

2. out carton: carton or as per customers' requirements

3. 9.8 tons per 20'FCL; 23 tons/1150 cartons per 40'FCL

14. MOQ: 5tons .

15. Delivery time: 15 days after receiving customers' sign contract.

Health effects:
Foreign studies have found that garlic in the sulfur compounds can promote the intestinal production of an enzyme or called garlic powder substances, by enhancing the body's immune system, blocking the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti-mutation and other ways to eliminate in the intestine Of the substance causes the risk of intestinal cancer. However, it is not yet possible to determine what needs to produce such an enzyme in order to effectively play the anti-tumor effect of garlic.
In addition, the trace elements in garlic selenium also have a certain anti-tumor effect.
2. treatment of impotence
Studies have shown that garlic does have the effect of treating impotence. Garlic is good for blood circulation, which is important for erectile function. What mechanism is currently unclear, the possible explanation is that garlic can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide synthase, and this enzyme is necessary for male erection of the enzyme.
In addition, there are researchers through the rabbit and mouse experiments found that garlic can stimulate the secretion of male hormones, and can increase the number of sperm. Modern medicine believes that blood health is an important factor affecting erectile function. And modern people often due to bad habits and lead to high blood lipids and other issues, in a sense that this is the reason for the increasing number of patients with erectile dysfunction. While eating garlic can promote blood health, improve blood circulation, which is also conducive to improving erectile function.
3. anti-aging effect
Garlic in some of the ingredients, similar to vitamin E and vitamin C antioxidant, anti-aging characteristics.
Recommended to eat: egg yolk garlic beauty anti-aging
Garlic can promote blood circulation; egg yolk is rich in vitamin E, can inhibit the active acid, slow down the aging of blood vessels and skin. Both with complementary advantages, both play a good anti-aging effect (blood vessels and skin), but also on the treatment of cold or cold beauty or a lot of benefits.
Production process: in the mashed garlic mixed with egg yolk, and then slowly fried with slow fire.
4. Anti-fatigue effect
Some people found that pork is rich in vitamin B1 one of the food, and vitamin B1 and garlic contains allicin together, can play a very good action to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength.
5. Protect the cardiovascular. Epidemiological studies have shown that the average rate of death due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is significantly lower in the area of 20 grams of raw garlic per person per day, which is significantly lower than that of non-edible raw garlic habit.

1) resistance to thrombosis study found that garlic in the oil has the role of inhibition of platelet aggregation, to achieve the effect of prevention of thrombosis.

2) lower blood lipid clinical study results show that the subjects daily consumption of raw garlic 50 grams, even after 6 days of serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were significantly lower than the pre-test content.

3) reduce blood viscosity There are several studies show that smoking and alcohol abuse, will make a significant increase in blood viscosity, but if the same time eating raw garlic, it will partially offset this adverse effect.

4) lower blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension, if every morning to eat a few petals vinegar bubble garlic, and drink two tablespoons of vinegar juice, half a month after the blood pressure in patients with hypertension will be reduced. In addition, regular consumption of raw garlic hypertensive patients, but also beneficial and reduced blood pressure.

6. Sterilization
Whether living environment or working environment, there are bacteria, we have to protect themselves, can not let them have to take advantage of the machine, against our body. Then we have to pick up our weapons - garlic, to resist the "enemy", hit the enemy inside, all eliminated. Because it contains about 2% allicin, it has a strong bactericidal effect, it will virtually destroy the bacteria necessary thiamine biosulfurism, so that the metabolism of bacteria disorders, and thus can not reproduce and grow.

7. Improve glucose metabolism
Studies have shown that raw garlic has improved the role of normal glucose tolerance, but also can promote the secretion of insulin and increase the use of glucose on tissue cells, thereby reducing blood sugar levels
Recommended dishes: acid is not cold and cool fruit advantage: Chinese medicine, water spinach has a strong detoxification effect. Modern medicine also proved that hollow vegetables can lower blood sugar, can be used as diabetics diet good vegetables. In the cold water spinach add raw minced garlic, the two together at the same time, garlic can also cold sand.

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